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In USA, many websites provide professional assistance to students. The services provide assignment help, essay help, dissertation writing services and many more. As the students are required to write a variety of practical tasks, these services are quite popular among the students.

In any subject, the students need to write a variety of essays to prove their knowledge and skills. Often they find it difficult to complete this variety of tasks along with the vast studies. The essay writing help online services provide them the most apposite solution in these situations. Most of the services have Ph.D. qualified academic experts who are proficient and competent to write the essays. They not only write them but they do so following the guidelines and rules set by the American institutions. The colleges and universities of USA mostly emphasize on five paragraph essay writing rather than three paragraphs which have a clearer structure. Other than that, the five paragraph essays provide a deeper context and analysis of the respective topic.

There are some interesting as well as crucial tools that can make any essay writing more worthy and impactful. Connector is one such thing that improves the essay writing. Let us learn more about it.

The role connectors play in essay writing

Connectors are such words, expressions or sentences which are applied in any written document to make it more interesting and understandable to the reader. Often the tutors and professors prescribe the usage of connectors in the essay assignment to make it more appealing and hence to secure good grades in the end.

There are different types of connectors that are used in essay writing. Some of the most important types of connectors are as follows:

* Example – This is the most common type of connector used which provides a relevant instance to the topic being discussed. It begins with „such as“, „for example“.

* Cause – This gives an account of the incident discussed. It starts with „because“ or „as a result“.

* Purpose – It states the reason that why something is done. Generally the purpose begins with „so that“, „in order to“ or simply „to“.

* Contrast – In some situations, a contrasting feature is described to identify the intensity. It uses „but“, „however“, „instead“, „In spite of“ or „on the other hand“.

* Sequence – To describe the events chronologically, a sequence or a time is used. Like „first of all“, „firstly“, „once“ or „in the end.

There can be more such connectors which are used in the essay writing. But the above five varieties of connectors are mostly used in academic essay writing.

Why the connectors are used in essay writing?

The usage of connectors in essay writing is common. It is used for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common reasons behind the connector usage are as follows:

* It is used in the essay to present a topic which is relevant and make the essay interesting.

* When the writer has a definite sequence of ideas or reasons, a connector paves the way to present it in a logical fashion.

* The connectors are also used by the writers to provide their personal opinion.

* It is also used to describe a hypothetical situation, a possibility or a probable future incident.

* Last but not the least; the connectors are utilized to provide comparison, and differences between two topics, subjects, persons or issues.

The students who wish to know more about the connectors and their usage in essay writing can take professional assistance. The online educational assistance websites have a team of experienced professionals. They have profound knowledge about it which makes them the ideal source for assistance. With this important knowledge, the students will also receive impeccable essays from them.
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